iOS development

Our mobile centre of excellence is focused on newest iOS technologies and trends. By utilising Swift and well-thought-out architectures, we effectively fasten release cycles as well as the quality of the mobile applications we develop. In case you have an older, Objective C-based iOS application, reach out so we could create a game plan for you to to utilise up-to-date technologies.
Think accessible, global, and flexible

The iOS operating system is used in all Apple devices. Their unique feature – their closed ecosystem. This brings benefits for the users and the iOS app development services. While the operating system is located only on Apple’s devices, the securityis easier to control, and the updates are more manageable. This means that Apple is very cautious of its environment, which for its clients means fewer possibilities to get hacked.

Fragmentation is a big feature that we, as an iOS app development company, keep in mind. A smaller number of differences in devices, their current operating system versions, resolutions, and screen sizes means more capacity, better efficiency, and greater performance together. Apple community is loyal to its products, and we are ready to make your app the perfect fit for each and every customer – even paid applications perform great with this operating system in terms of sales.

Our Markets

Scale3C has acquired a professional team of developers based in Lithuania with clients from all over the globe. Locations include European countries, UK, Australia, USA - cities like Denver, Park City, New York, and Salt Lake City. We have worked together with companies like Millo and WorkGlue to bring their product ideas to life and assisted them on their mobile development strategy, and we sure can join on yours, too!
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Why choose our iOS development services?

Our iOS mobile app developers have a great focus on the development of the product itself because the iOS operating system has its own UI design guidelines. This way, your product receives uninterrupted attention from our developers, and there is one less thing to worry about. Our team of professionals is ready to build your dream iOS mobile app, compatible with any iOS device for maximum performance and reaching every customer worldwide. iPhones, iPads, iWatches, IoT - no matter the project, we are here to bring the finest user-friendly experience for your customers.

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It is easy to set your worries aside but taking action will have a better impact on your digital business. Reach out and we’ll leave your product better than we found it.
Our approach to iOS app development

As an iOS app development company, our main goal is to reach and exceed the expectations of our clients – your vision is our tool for your final product. Our experienced developers are ready to take on any challenge and create custom iOS apps for iPhone devices. We use Swift and Flutter as our main programming languages for iPhone application development services to achieve an amazing user experience and high performance.

The main three key work ethics elements are on every Scale3C developer’s mind: agility, flexibility, and teamwork. We consider daily standups, Sprints, and Kanban boards a crucial implementation to our development routine. The project is divided into the smallest possible tasks - this way we make sure the quality of our approachis the highest. We keep our work-oriented on communication and time tracking and we are flexible in terms of software and technology tools used for any matters. Eachof our products receives its own developers who are individually gathered, in order for our clients to be sure that they are working with field professionals. This way, the range of our expertise becomes limitless!

Our Case studies

Brainstorming together with the client to get an idea of what is the desired mobile product.
We start with wireframes and explore existing mobile technologies to create the envisioned solution.
Matching the best mobile development talents who can fulfill the needs of the client and the complexity of the mobile product.
The backlog is created and planning of first sprints starts based on priorities set for your mobile-first solution.
Weekly sprints
Daily status updates and a constant feedback loop with the client on the progress is set. Each week/bi-week consists of a shippable increment.
Each developed mobile feature is going through quality assurance: QA specialist and UX/UI designer validates the deliveries
We do a final review of the mobile product with the client and release it after a GO decision.
Workflow is the key
Our team starts with the first keys elements to the productive workflow: research and strategy. We discuss in-depth information about the project or the product of interest to figure out the proper ways to approach it. Then we strategize the possibilities, dig deeper into the industry of interest. Then, with the work plan in hand, we have to head straight into UX design and general style guides for the iOS application development. When that is all done, we can start seeing the silhouette of the product appearing. After that, we tackle the UI tasks, which correspond with the actual iOS mobile app development – coding, putting together the pieces of design, and always checking for errors or mishaps along the way. After everything istested, and the highest possible quality is assured, the product is ready to use!
Our iOS app developers can help you in any step of the way

Professionals here at Scale3C are always ready to join in on the product fulfillment project. No matter the idea or stage of development – we are always ready to step in and deliver the best results.

If you already have a team of iOS mobile app developers – great, we are happy to join and add our expertise to realize your and your clients’ expectations.

We are an award-winning iOS development company, ready to take on any challenge. Let’s share our ideas, bring joy to our customers and become the brands we aspire to be.