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We focus on what is right for every client, whether it's a part-time, long-term developer, or full-time outsourced product team - everything is possible with our service.
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Unlock operational excellence with Outstaffing Services. We understand the importance of flexibility in hiring, allowing you to meet your project goals with precision and efficiency.

    Find and onboard a new talent in 1-3 days
    IT professionals selected only from EU
    Free of charge candidate selection and interview
    Short 1-month notice to terminate the agreement
Outsourcing Process
We begin by understanding your business strategy, goals and specific requirements. Whether you're considering outsourcing or IT recruitment our solution is tailored to your unique business needs.
We will analyze your organizational structure and current market trends in terms of the teams or individuals required and come back with a clear strategic approach.
Head-hunting and vetting clients are on our shoulders - we will make sure that only the best and most suitable candidates will come to you for final evaluation.
Our team facilitates the matching process between the talented individuals and your organization. The outcome is a mutually beneficial, long-term contract that aligns with your strategic vision.
We take care of all administrative tasks at the start of the engagement, ensuring that the experts or product teams experience a seamless onboarding process.
Status check
We measure the success of every S3C Hiring project. This ensures that any issues are raised and dealt with before it makes any impact on day-to-day business.

Why us?


We are ready to offer you a part-time or a full-time individual talent or a whole dedicated team based on your specific needs. From skilled developers to experienced customer support or sales managers, we match your unique needs with the right professionals for your digital business.


Communication is key to successful collaboration. With us, you have the flexibility to choose the communication frequency and tools that align with your personal and organizational preferences.

Cost Effectiveness
Cost Effectiveness

Our Recruitment and Outsourcing service, allows you to tap into talented developers from less inflated labor markets. This strategic advantage empowers you to reduce development costs while maintaining the same high-quality work standards.


We believe in giving you the autonomy to choose your level of involvement in all processes. Whether you want us to handle project planning, quality assurance, deployment, and DevOps, or prefer to manage these aspects yourself, we accommodate your preferences.

Benefits of our services

Full control over the development process

A large pool of IT specialists

Variety of expertise and technologies

No administrative burden

Significant cost savings

We will help you create a competitive advantage

Motivated and highly-skilled talents from Europe, LatAm or India

Simple and fast hiring process

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