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Darius Kavaliauskas

Welcome to our blog: The story behind Scale3C

April 28, 2019
2 min read
Welcome to our blog: The story behind Scale3C

Welcome to our first Scale3C blog post!

We are very excited to launch this blog where we will share with you the latest trends in web and mobile technologies. In an easy way, we will help you to understand the differences between similar technologies or will share insights why for example native mobile app could be a better investment into your product’s future and scalability. Our developers, designers, and product owners will also share their personal insights and knowledge with you on various topics. In our “Scale3C Talks” section you will find interviews with our clients and entrepreneurs from different business fields. Finally, we have a place where we will be able to share our expertise and experience with you!

Let us introduce ourselves, the founders of Scale3C – Laurynas and Darius, 2 friends who have decided to start their own business after many years of work for the big corporations. Please check our LinkedIn profiles to get a better understanding of our professional background.

While working together we come up with the idea to start the company which could help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life by leveraging design and technology. A company which would be known for its quality of work, creativity, the dedication of the team and who would be your guide and friend on a daily basis. We wanted to help other businesses to grow by providing them world-class IT services for a reasonable price, as from our experience we knew that it is challenging to find a trustworthy IT company which could fully meet your expectations or even exceed them.

Starting from 2017 we have helped many companies to scale their businesses and be prepared for the next investment. Our team consists of very professional and talented people and they are coming from various fields and companies what brings us a unique advantage when we are working with clients from various fields and we need to combine the best suitable team for them. Please find out more of some of us in our “Team” section.

From simple websites to complex IT systems we are building unique and engaging experiences on web, hybrid, iOS and Android platforms with interactive UI/UX designs, animations, and 3D models. If you have a long lasting project we also provide outsourcing services where you can have your own development team dedicated only for you. Our practice is built around your needs. Let us take the weight, of product development, off your shoulders. Other good reasons to start with us:

  1. We bill fairly. Request a quote, compare with other development agencies and see it for yourself.
  2. We make realistic estimates and follow the roadmap.
  3. We’re always there for you. Our clients praise the way we run their projects.
  4. Always know what’s happening and when it is going to be completed.
  5. We keep clean and clear documentation. No bureaucratic nonsense.
  6. The first thing we do is sign the NDA. Your trade secrets are safe with us.
  7. Unlike some other developers, we always track the hours fairly.
  8. We’ll be able to support your legacy code or advice on what technology to use for your brand-new project to maximize ROI.

The most important principle of our work is flexibility! We’ll adjust to your process practices if they are in place. If not, we’ve got things covered as well:

  1. We will brainstorm together with you to get an idea of what is the desired product.
  2. We start with wireframes and explore existing technologies to create the envisioned solution.
  3. Matching the best talents who can fulfill the needs of the client and the complexity of the product.
  4. A backlog is created and planning of first sprints starts based on priorities set.
  5. Daily status updates and a constant feedback loop with you on the progress is set.
  6. Each developed feature is going through quality assurance: QA specialist and UX/UI designer validate the deliveries.
  7. We do a final review with you and release after a GO decision.

Now, you know much more about us than before. We hope you have enjoyed this read and now you have a better understanding of how we could help your business to scale. Please reach out to us, and let’s talk!

P.S. If you were wondering what “3C” stands for, the answer is – Connect, Consult, Complete.


Darius & Laurynas

The Founders of Scale3C

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