Darius Kavaliauskas
Darius Kavaliauskas

Scale3C talking with Jesse Robinson, Executive Director @ Getch Foundation

April 29, 2019
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Scale3C talking with Jesse Robinson, Executive Director @ Getch Foundation

Jesse Robinson is one of our key clients living and working in Salt Lake City (US). We had a pleasure to have a chat with him while he was visiting our office and here is what he told us about his business and the work we are doing together.

Can you briefly describe your company and what is your product about?

I am the Executive Director of “The Getch Foundation”, which is a private foundation established by a giving family from the US who’s passion is mainly focused on ocean conservation and mental health. “Getch Foundation” also has a sub-foundation which is a public charity called “My sunshine”, devoted to helping families which suffer from cancer or other traumatic experiences. Together with Scale3C, we are building a tech platform, which is going to be an emotional wellness platform for the families in order to get more information about the disease, connect with a social worker or a therapist 24/7 and simply communicate with people who are in the same situation as they are. At the moment people are using social media as a channel to communicate, but their data are not well protected, we want to create a secure and private place for that.

How did you find out about Scale3C and why our services were attractive to you?

We got a recommendation from our investors who have utilized Scale3c before, that led a flourishing partnership. 

Is a time zone difference or that your team is working remotely makes the development process harder for you?

Yes, you are overseas, but I have never experienced any issues while trying to set up a call with you or get the bugs fixed. You are always very flexible with time. The other thing which crucial when you are trying to build a product is speaking the same language, your team is so fluent in English that I have never had any issues in understanding or expressing myself while working together. There is a bit of the time difference, but honestly, I would hardly call that an issue.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing when working with a remote development agency?

Maybe for some people, it might be an issues not being able to talk to your team face to face, but for me, face to face is less important, technology is so good these days when it comes to virtual communication.

You are visiting our country for the first time, what is your overall opinion about people, culture, and the country itself?

Everyone speaks really good English and makes you feel comfortable for visiting, I think it is the most important part in order to feel welcome. I have also become very good friends with everyone who works at Scale3C, so we had as much fun as we had work done during my visit.

You already have tried other development agencies, so maybe you could share what are the biggest differences or advantages comparing Scale3C and other IT companies?

I will tell you what I tell other people when talking about Scale3C. They are cheaper than most of the development companies in the US, but they are not the cheapest compared to outsourcing through some other countries in the world. Although at the end of the day it is all about the quality vs. what you pay. Working with Scale3C is the best “band for your buck” I have come across in the development industry.

Would you recommend other businesses to try development/outsourcing services at Scale3C and why?

Although we have been very successful in raising a significant amount of funding for our businesses and now we could easily build an in-house development team, all the founders and partners have unanimously agreed that we should continue working with Scale3C and scale a team in here. Why? Because we never had any issues with Scale3C and we share the same work ethics. You guys always set the delivery timeliness, everything comes on budget and the thing that I appreciate the most is their ability to provide the input beyond my vision. You always come back with additional ideas and suggestions which 90 % of the time is even better than mine 🙂

Thank you Jesse for your feedback and honest answers!