Darius Kavaliauskas
Darius Kavaliauskas

Scale3C talking with Simon Anderson, the CEO and Founder of Notis

April 29, 2019
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Scale3C talking with Simon Anderson, the CEO and Founder of Notis

Simon Anderson is an Australian living in Utah (US). We met him during our visit to Salt Lake City and after a quick chat, we have decided to start rebuilding the platform he had developed. A few months ago Simon has decided to come to Lithuania for the first time and visit our team. Here is a short interview about his business and the overall impressions he got while visiting Vilnius.

Can you briefly describe your company and your product?

For 5 years I have been building a platform called Notis which allows students from high-schools/ colleges and their parents or teachers to communicate more effectively with each other, especially for their out of class activities. It’s all started in Australia, but now we are operating in the USA market.

How did you find out about Scale3C and why our services were attractive to you?

A co-working space in Utah called Kiln was using your services and the founder was very satisfied with the collaboration you had established, so he had suggested meeting you guys during your visit in Salt Lake City because at that time we were looking for a new development team. A good referral from Arian took away a lot of risks and build the trust to try the development in the country we haven’t heard anything about before.

Is a time zone difference or that your team is working remotely makes the development process very hard for you? Why?

Overall, no! I am not that person who sits close to the developer watching him work. Even if I had a team in the US, the work would be flexible and remote, internet connection is the thing you need. I was a bit scared regarding the communication during the night time in Lithuania, but the response from the team was really really good, we were always getting the response within a couple of hours, the bugs were fixed in less than 24 hours, all of this makes us comfortable.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing when working with a remote development agency?

The only challenge could be the time management, but we haven’t had any problems with that, all the work and meetings were scheduled on time. We also thought that language might be a challenge, but Scale3C made sure that everyone in the team members speaks English really well. So we, actually, haven’t had any challenges and we have begun to make the decision to use Scale3C for full-time development positions.

You came to visit our country Lithuania for the first time, so what are your overall impressions about people, culture, and the country itself?

Before coming you have sent us a short video which was a great overview of what is Lithuania, so I came a bit prepared. Before that I knew nothing, we don’t hear a lot about your country. During our visit, I have learned more about your history and how strong the people were during hard times. Lithuania feels like a very historic country, but has all the newest technology, old from the outside, but modern from the inside. It loved it, it feels like you have a strong culture!

You have the experience of working with other development agencies, maybe you could tell us what are the biggest Scale3C differences or advantages compared to others?

Your business model is based on your name, you want to scale for each company. We have experienced that you have a great network of developers and are able to offer us a certain type of talents which we need at that moment. The biggest advantage for me is that I don’t need to go through the hiring and recruitment process, all the pressure in on you and you are managing it perfectly! The management process here is much smoother than in the US and it is another strong service you are offering.

Would you recommend other companies to try development/outsourcing services at Scale3C and why?

Absolutely, I’m already referring friends and other business people to Scale3c. The process is smooth, and the team at Scale3C are willing to tell you how it is. No fluff, If there are better options they will let you know. This is what every tech company needs, a team that wants the best product and best outcome for all.

Thank you Simon for the interview and your honest answers!